(PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR LABELLED STILL PHOTOS)                                   

                                        This time last year you were making and decorating trees, in wonderfully imaginative                                                                        ways, to display in the first ever Christmas Tree Festival at St Mary Magdalen Church.                                                   Sadly, a ‘real’ display is not possible this year but we would still like to recognise the event.

         So, instead, we are planting a virtual Christmas Tree forest of photographs here!

We would be delighted if you could email to KnightonTrees2020@gmail.com

 any time from Sat 28th Nov – Sat 20th Dec:


* a photograph of a tree, any shape, size or colour, to plant in our forest

(these can be trees you have decorated for this year, or a photo from a previous year)

* your name or the name of your organisation/business as you would like it displayed on the website.

* individual children & young people’s contributions (photos of real trees or drawings of trees) welcome too!


We look forward to seeing all your contributions and hope to see you all in person again, in 2021.


Best wishes - The Christmas Tree Festival Team

 St Mary Magdalen Congregation & Friends 2019

St Mary Magdalen - the Palm Tree 2019

Kim Woods Yoga

Hope against Cancer

Lara - age 8

St Mary's young people - the Manga Story of Christmas

St Mary Magdalen 2019

MHA Aigburth Residential Care Home, Oadby

Michael & Lorna Kirk

Nursery Rhymes Preschool

6th Leicester Rainbows, Brownies & Guides

Knighton Police Team

Michael & Diane Stockton

Lola Gough the little elf + tree

Leicester High School for Girls

Skye - aged 10

Kingsmead Road Neighbourhood Watch

Knighton Neighbourhood Forum

 Sue & Nigel Siesage

Telomere Team

Ida & David Stanyer

Sue & Nigel Siesage (2)

Kim Woods Yoga

Alison & David Palmer

Oldman & Sons 1 + 2

Overdale Junior School 1 + 2

St Mary Magdalene Knighton 2020

John & Aileen

Peanut the gerbil - Lara aged 8

Chocky the hamster - Lara aged 8

Margarete Booton

Jefferson Family Tree