Signs of spring - signs of hope!       



                                       (PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR LABELLED STILL PHOTOS)                                   


                                             We've all had a difficult twelve months - but now there are                                    signs of spring and signs of hope!


                               The signs of new life in spring remind us that beyond the cold and dark                                                days of winter there is the hope of a brighter and warmer season to come.                                                            Christians look forwards to Easter - the celebration of Jesus rising                                      from the dead, bringing new life to the whole world.


We would be delighted if you would join us in

                this photographic celebration of spring!                       

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Thank you!



2021-02-13 Alison Roche 2.jpg
2021-02-13 Alison Roche 5.jpg
2021-02-13 Alison Roche 4.jpg
2021-02-13 Alison Roche 1.jpg
Jenny Worsfold:
2021-02-13 Jenny Worsfold 3.jpg
2021-02-13 Jenny Worsfold 1.jpg
2021-02-13 Jenny Worsfold 2.jpg
Tanya Willis:
2021-02-15 Tanya 2.JPG

Alison Palmer:

2021-02-19 Andrew Oldershaw 1-Mistle Thr
2021-02-19 Andrew Oldershaw 2-Christmas
2021-02-19 Andrew Oldershaw 3-Primular.j

Andrew Oldershaw:

Ida Stanyer:

2021-02-19 Ida Stanyer 1.jpg
2021-02-19 Ida Stanyer 2.jpg
2021-02-22 Whittiers shop window.jpg


2021-02-23 Matthew Gough.jpg

Matthew Gough

Felicity Cocks: 

John & Aileen:

Valerie Thomson

Lorna Kirk: